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About the Podcast

Our Programming

The Imperfectly Perfect Podcast features authentic stories with real people living their best life following a struggle, life change, or catalyst which launched them to where they are today. Living life imperfectly, but exactly where they were meant to be; squeezing every ounce of joy out of each day on the planet.

Season One Episodes

Becca's Bonus Blabs: Becca chats with a friend in her cloff'ice in her brass-ectomy bathroom, to debrief the month's happenings.

History of the Show

Becca Peterson wanted to share her imperfect life with the world, to show that pretty social media post are not what an authentic life is all about.  Becca's life is usually imperfect and often messy; as she navigates marriage, raising teenagers, and being an autism spectrum family.

Season One of the podcasts s a line-up of the best podcast guests who relate to the hashtags of Becca's messy life, but her guests are thriving and finding joy in their own journey.

Social media is full of pretty, picture perfect lives. Becca wanted to share that life doesn't have to be perfect to be joyful, modeling for listeners to embrace their own imperfect life.  Becca and her husband have two teenage boys, one of which is high-functioning autistic. Navigating life in our culture has been challenging with a nuero-diverse family member, but being imperfect has helped Becca to see that life is full of goodness, joy, and amazing humans. . . you just have to look around you and see the gift.

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